“Stop!” he cried. “Enough! We surrender, do you understand? You can’t just kill us-“

The Sith Lord smiled. “Can’t I?”

“We’re unarmed! We surrender! Please- please, you’re a Jedi!”

“You fought a war to destroy the Jedi.” Vader stood above the shivering Neimoidian, smiling down upon him, then fed him half a meter of plasma. “Congratulations on your success.”

~ Revenge of the Sith Novelization by Matthew Stover

(Source: songsofthestars)

“I would do anything for you. I would bear your burdens for you if I could. But I cannot.”

Anakin bowed his head. The panic and fear whirled inside him, and he was ashamed.

Obi-Wan bent closer to speak softly. He did not release his grip on Anakin’s shoulders. “But I will help you. I will always help you. I will not leave you.”

The words reverberated like a bell. Obi-Wan’s touch brought Anakin back to himself. He raised his head.

“Things between us have not run smoothly lately,” Obi-Wan said. “But you must never doubt my commitment to you.”

“And mine to you,” Anakin said.

~ Jedi Quest #7: The Moment of Truth