In case you missed it…

The Dark Knight Rises Spoilers! Reader Beware!

Christopher Nolan did a pretty good job of slipping in subtle things for the true fanboys. Here’s what you may have missed…

The Gotham City Football Team is known as the Gotham City Rogues. Fans are holding up these posterboards bearing the teams name and there is a familiar symbol among these letters. Christopher Nolan had asked 10,000 extras to partake in this scene within Heinz Stadium and when this fan brought in a prop with the iconic Robin “R,” he allowed it to be kept in the film.

Robin Easter Egg The Dark Knight Rises

When Commissioner Gordon was lying in his hospital bed and mentions “giant alligators” in the sewers this could be taken as a reference to the famous Batman villain Killer Croc.

When Batman is chasing after Bane after the stock exchange robbery an older policeman tells his younger partner to, “sit back, you’re in for a show.” This is almost a direct quote from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns.

In the scene where John Blake first meets Bruce Wayne, if you look closely you will notice two things from the 1960s Batman series: the red Batphone and a bronze head (concealed a button that had access to the Batpole down to the Batcave).

Characters play a big part of the Batman Universe. One of the lacky antagonists known as Roland Daggett, President of Daggett Industries, is the creator of Renuyu. This rejuvenation product is responsible for turning Basil Karlo into Clayface, one of Batman’s most dangerous villains.

As a disguise before the stock market scene, Bane is shown wearing a red helmet and biker gear in reference to Batman villain, The Red Hood.

During the police chase scene after the bar shootout with Selina Kyle and the Roland Daggett’s men, there is a sniper shooting from a fire escape. This has been assumed to be Deadshot by many, but the character appears multiple times throughout the film as Barsad. John Barsad is the name of a character in The Tale of Two Cities.

The pit that Talia climbs out of can loosely be assumed as Nolan’s version of Ra’s Al Ghul’s Lazarus Pits.

And of course, at the end, when Batman is fleeing the city with a bomb to avoid Gotham casualties, we are reminded of Adam West’s heroics as Batman.

Adam West Batman

So, batfans… what did I miss?